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Kim's Personal Journey...

"As a child in Connecticut, I always felt 'different' and was convinced that I really saw things that my parents swore weren't there.  One day when I was young, I heard a voice yell at me while I was trying to melt crayons on a light bulb.  I looked and was no one there.  It wasn't my mother's voice I heard, but it used my full name!

"I felt afraid of this voice.  I was also afraid of the things I was seeing that no one else saw, so I asked them to go away.  It wasn't until I was older that I realized I wasn't crazy or imagining things. So I started inviting my Angels, my Guides and deceased loved ones back into my life. However, I was disappointed when the voices didn't come back.

"In 1993 I moved to North Carolina. By then I was a college graduate who had been working in Human Resources for several years.  I met my husband, John, then too and we got married in 1995 and in 1996 had our first child, MaryBeth. Two years later we had our twin sons, Johnny and Tommy.

"Still nothing from the voices. And I was still asking for them to come back because other psychics were telling me that I had an skill set and gift that was going to return to me. Years later I had an appointment with Margo Ross [Sears] of Indigo Answers and she explained my angels said that I was on the verge of having all my gifts come back...and they were right!

"In 2003 I had an experience that was one of the most beautiful anyone could ever have.  I wasn't sleeping but it was almost like a waking dream.  I was being held in the hand of God, knowing that I was well, safe and loved.  From that night on, I could see, feel, hear and know when anyone or anything from the Spiritual Realm was near--I could 'tune in' again!

"In April of 2005 I took a certification class with Jackie Eaton, RN of Angelights, called Angel Light Messenger.  It was an intense 3 days of learning how to communicate with the Angels and Spirit Realm and learning confidence in what was being received. Thus, Rainbow Wings was born as a way for me to help others through my gifts and high intuitions. 

"So now I warmly look forward to working with you soon! Peace and blessings!" ~ Kim