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Welcome to my first blog!

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 7:10 AM

Hello Friends, So this is my first blog. Why did I decide to write one? I was nudged into it by the angels! I talk to angels and get wonderful messages from them. For the past few years they've been telling me and showing me that I would be doing something with writing. But I've been resisting. Really, what do I have to say that people want to hear? My mother and sister are the ones who do all the reading and writing in my family. Me, I like watching tv and movies, especially Hallmark Christmas movies! So why do the angels want me to write????

I'm not sure why they have asked me to do this. How do I know that they are pushing me to do it? One reason is because it's not a natural thing for me to do. Two, I have seen it in my dreams. Yup, there I am writing. Three, I pulled angel cards and have had angel cards pulled for me and cards from multiple decks come out saying I should write. So I'm getting the message. The time to actually do it was upon me. They're showing me that there's more to come but I figure I'd start with  'baby steps'!

So Ripples and Reflections, where did that come from? It was shown to me. I get shown a lot of things by the angels. That's clairvoyance. I could see the header saying Rainbow Wings Ripples. But it just didn't feel 'finished'. I was talking to my husband and told him about it and he said he prefered something like Reflections. All of a sudden I realized that the 2 were supposed to go together. So that's how Rainbow Wings Ripples and Reflections came about.

I'm not sure exactly what will be coming forth in this blog. All I know is that I had to finally say "Yes" to the angels and start writing it.  So stay tuned! And if there's something you want me to write about just let me know.  The way ripples start is with one small drop so I guess this is my small drop on the way to hopefully making more ripples. 
by Kim McAllister, North Carolina USA  :)

Categories: Angels, Spirituality, Psychic Abilities

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Reply Margo Ross Sears
2:59 PM on September 2, 2016 
This is a great start, Kim! Great job! I look forward to more from you here, you are such a natural. Keep going!
Reply scotty
2:40 PM on September 26, 2016 
Congrats! Love the name of your blog! Great writing!
Reply Pamela
1:59 PM on November 15, 2016 
First off I love you. You are an amazing woman and you always have been!!! Could you tell me about smells??? What types and what they mean??? Does everyone see feathers? That is something that I have never have happened.... thanks so much!
Reply Kim Peters McAllister
1:27 PM on November 16, 2016 
Hi Pam,
Love you too! I'm so glad that you have joined the site!

I will tell you that my experience with smells is somewhat limited. I will get roses often when a loved one is near and just wants to say hi. That's usually the first scent I get. In our old house, originally owned by husband's grandfather, I would smell cherry pipe tobacco. I never knew this man and moved into the house more than 10 years after his death. I had no idea he smoke cherry pipe tobacco!

Because I don't usually get smells, I pay special attention when I do get them. It's usually a sign to me that who ever wants attention has put a lot of effort into getting my attention. I've never gotten anything scary when I've smelled something - always comforting. Scents that are reassuring and that bring a smile.

Each Archangel has a scent associated with them. I find that when I wear something that has one of these scents, I get clued into that particular angel's vibration easier. As an example, I wear an oil that is connected to AA Jophiel. It has orange, cinnamon and cloves in it. It just lifts me up when I wear it. Makes me happy - Jophiel - The angel of Joy!!

Feathers - A lot of people get feathers as a sign from the angels that they are with them. You can ask to receive a feather if you want. Remember, it could be seeing a white feather, or a black one, a colored one, a large one or a small one. The feathers are just a symbol that the angels are near.

I used to get upset that I never got feathers until I realized that my 'head's up' from the angels comes in the form of coins, numbers and songs!! I also see them often in clouds. Take a moment and ask the angels to give you a sign that you can easily recognize as coming from them.

Let me know what answers you get!
Reply Scott
4:06 AM on May 27, 2017 
Thank you, Kim, for writing this blog post! I appreciate your observations about resistence, too. Who hasn't had that experience? If you need "proof" (and yes, sometimes that internal critic is demanding) I think It's clear from this post and many other things you've written that yes, you are a gifted writer! I hope you have the satisfaction of enjoying the process, too. I'm delighted that you that you've gotten heavenly encouragement to write, too. The Angels got it right. Not a surprise! Thank you for listening and following through. I can't wait to read more! Go, Kim!