Rainbow Wings Consulting

Angel Readings, Parties, 
Workshops & Weddings by Kim 

For Your Personal Empowerment

Six Services & Pricing


$120 / 60 minutes

$60 / 30 minutes

$35 / 15 minutes

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Angelic Intuitive Readings

Certified as an Angel Light Messenger in 2005, I ask the angels to join us and assist in delivering messages to you. I use my natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic gifts to deliver information to you. The angels may guide me to use cards to provide you with more detailed information. A reading with me is never the same and is never scary.  Angels are beautiful, peaceful, loving beings!!  The realize you have free will and have the choice to listen to what they have to say or to discard it.  No matter what, your angels will remain with you and will never judge you.  I am just lucky enough to be a conduit through which they are able to better communicate with you. It is my pleasure and my honor to work with your angels. See above for fees. 

Angel Parties!

(4 person paid minimum - $30 / person)

Gather your friends and family and experience your individual 15 / 20 minute reading in the comfort of your own home.  This is an excellent way to bring good energy into your home and to allow your angels and guides an opportunity to give you any messages or guidance you need.  We begin with a brief overview of angelic communication and a group message, then each individual is invited to a private one-on-one reading, or we can stay in a group if the participants agree.  Many times a message for one person will have relevance for others in the group! The host's reading is complimentary with a minimum of 4 paid participants.  Additional travel fee over 20 miles from Durham, NC (zip code 27705), is $2/mile.

Spiritual Workshops

I can customize any type of spiritually related workshop for you and your companions.  

I teach children, teens and adults, men, women, and social groups.

Let's talk about how I can be of service! 

Your price will be based on the workshop details and location that we agree upon.

Angel Cards/Angel Tarot Readings  

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. 

I use Doreen Virtue cards and Angel Chatter cards by Chris Alexandria in these readings.  

I am guided as to which deck to use for each client, unless you have a specific deck you want me to use. 

I can do a general reading for you or do a card spread for a specific issue.  See above for fees. 

Mentor / Life Coach

I have a lifetime of experiences, and had my first encounters with the spirit world when I was a young child. I understand how confusing it can be when you start on this journey!  

I have lots of tools in my toolbox that I can share with you.  I have more than 20 years in human resources, am a Certified Life Coach, a Stephen Minister, ordained Reverend, Certified Angel Light Messenger, Certified Angel Card Reader and have been on this spiritual journey for over 20 years. 

I'm happy to help you navigate your way through your journey!  $100 / hour


I love officiating ALL types of weddings or commitment ceremonies!  All types of couples are warmly welcome here. I am an in-person ordained, non-denominational clergy of Light & Energy Workers Association, honoring all faiths and non-religious paths, too. Your own vows or any pre-written ones are also welcome. 

Fee is $250 with $100 nonrefundable  retainer subtracted from your grand total.  Additional travel fee over 20 miles from Durham, NC (zip code 27705), is $2/mile.

I offer a discount for brides and grooms who are active enlisted US military, police, fire, or volunteer EMS.

Payment Policy

Payment is accepted in advance by cash, money order, check or via PayPal or "Square" in person, unless otherwise agreed upon by Kim.  Please let me know if you need payment installments instead.  I want to work with you.

Cancellation Policy

Please let me know if you are unable to attend an appointment immediately.  Cancelling within 24 hours of appointment causes a cancellation fee of $50.  A client may reschedule within one week and not pay a cancellation fee.  If the client cancels more than once, then the fee will apply.  It is important that both my time and yours be honored.  


All sales are final. All readings are for entertainment purposes only, and I am not responsible for any decisions made as a result of our appointment. YOU have freewill to determine how to use or interpret information you receive. Because I remain very ethical in my practices, I do not claim to be a health professional or legal professional in any way. Any health or legal issues should be discussed with a licensed health care provider or an attorney.  

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